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Motion Graphics

John Hancock : Twine Launch

Raytheon : Sides of Cyber

State Street : Live Open

PBS & Fox Promotional Spots:

Various spots creative while at both PBS and Fox. Responsible for all elements.

Underwater Vehicles Show Open : Created using Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Antiques Roadshow Season Premiere Promo : Created using After Effects.

WGBH Channel ID : Channel ID for WGBH 44; created in After Effects.

PBS World Channel News Promo : Created in After Effects.

Greater Boston Show Open : Created using Maya.

Independence Day Theme Marathon : Created using Maya and After Effects.  Was made to promote a marathon of shows on PBS / WGBH.

An Evening of Secrets of the Dead EndTag : Created in Maya.

Super Science Tuesdays NOVA Endtag : Created in After Effects.

Masterpiece Theatre EndTag : Created in Maya and After Effects.

The Wind in the Willows on Masterpiece Theatre Open : Created in Maya and tracked in Boujou.

PBS World Channel IDs :

This is a set of 4 Channel ID’s that were created for the PBS World channel.  We chose the theme Earth, Wind, Fire and Water as everyday world elements that are both visual stunning as will stick with PBS’s conservative branding guidelines. I was responsible for logo creation and animation as well as scene compositing.

Earth :

Wind :

Fire :

Water :