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Visual Effects

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Dunkin Donuts

Visual Effects : Brickyard VFX

Agency : Hill Holliday

Before and After : The clients wanted to make the mural more prominent in the shot, so I created a matte painting to cover up the window as well as other general cleanup. I was able to turn this around in approximately 45 minutes.  You can view the entire spot on the commercial work page.

  • Before-DunkinBrand
    Before DunkinBrand After

Visual Effects : Brickyard VFX

Agency : Mullen

Fully CG generated environment for’s outdoor UK campaign.



Acura : To Improve

Agency : Mullen

Visual Effects : Brickyard VFX

CG House : Rusty Ippolito Brickyard VFX, make Inc.

Acura : To Improve breakdown

Acura “To Improve” spot of the 2013-2014 Acura Commercial Campaign “Made for Mankind”.


My role was to rebuild the landscape from the original backplate. The landscape was tracked in Boujou and created using Maya’s Paint FX system and particle geometry instancing.  Rendered in VRAY.

  • Before-Acura Landscape
    After-Acura Landscape
    Before Acura Landscape After

Lowe’s : Olympic Paint

Agency : Hill Holliday
Visual Effects : Brickyard VFX

Lowe’s Olympic Paint


I created and rendered the CG paint can animation. Scene was created in Maya and rendered in Vray.

Titleist 2015 Campaign

Agency : Arnold Worldwide

Visual Effects : Brickyard VFX

My primary duties for these spots was conforming, 3D tracking, plate cleanup (divots in grass, logo removal and other various elements) as well as the CG Titleist EndTag Animation.

Instead of using Autodesk Maya and Vray for creation, I used Element 3D inside of Adobe After Effects.  This worked out much faster in regards to setup, client revisions and rendering.

CG Endtag :

Spots :

Titleist “Everything” :60 (click image below for video)

Titleist “Tour Player vs Amateur” :30 (click image below for video)

Titleist “Good and Great” :30 (click image below for video)

Titleist “Players in Plant” :30 (click image below for video)

Grass Clean-up (Before and After)

  • Before-Titlest Clean Up
    After-Titlest Clean Up
    Before Titlest Clean Up After
  • Before-Before and After
    After-Before and After
    Before Before and After After
  • Before-TitleistTwo
    Before TitleistTwo After

Cadillac : Garage

Agency : Hill Holliday

Visual Effects : Brickyard VFX

For the Cadillac Garage spot, I worked on VFX shots doing 3D tracking, object removal, and scene cleanup work.

Original Plate: Notice tire marks on floor as well as shoot equipment on the sides.

Final Plate: Clean-Up work completed, floor replaced via 3D tracking and reflections brought back over replaced floor.

Before and After:

This shot was actually a repeated shot in the edit(as the car leaves the garage).  The task was to build distance between the shots so the car appears to have driven far enough away as to not see the garage doors.

  • Before-Before and After
    After-Before and After
    Before Before and After After

U.S. Cellular : Wilder & Signature Spots

Agency : Mullen

Visual Effects : Brickyard VFX

Wilder :

There were many VFX compositing shots in this commercial.  All the phones and tablets in the store needed screen replacements as well as signage on the walls.

Original Plate:

Final Plate:

Before and After:

Tasks included: Removing tracking markers, hand track screen fills as shot was un-trackable do to motion and hand placement as well as reflection issues.  Holdback mattes for hands and boxes covering screens and hand shadow re-creation for final composite.

  • Before-UScellWilder
    Before UScellWilder After

Signature :

This spot required all in-store signage to be replaced, mattes had to be created for the actors and anything else in front of the signs.  The new sign graphics needed to be set into the environment with CG lighting and final regrain.

People Matte: Mattes were created using color warper and multiple selectives as well as roto and paint.

Final Plate:

Before and After:

  • Before-USCellSignature
    Before USCellSignature After

Ford F-150 Raptor

SCAD Graduate Degree Project

As part of the SCAD VSFX 708 modeling course I created and rendered a Ford F-150 Raptor. Modeled in Maya and rendered with Mental Ray.

Gray’s Reef Stingray

SCAD Graduate Degree Project

During the 10 week SCAD VSFX 709 visual effects course, a group of graduate and undergraduate students in collaboration with NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) were tasked to create a film about Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary. This 10 minute film is an educational and experiential learning tool for teaching and research applications.  My role was not only to create the stingray for the film, but to also direct students, direct voice-over talent and keep the entire project on deadline.  I also was responsible for all the motion graphic elements used to illustrate specific aspects of the living species in Gray’s Reef.


The stingray was modeled in Maya and sculpted in Mudbox, rendered in Mental Ray.  All motion graphics were created in After Effects and Element 3D.

Glacier Pool

SCAD Graduate Degree Project

As part of the SCAD VSFX 708 modeling course I created and rendered an environment scene using E-On Vue xStreme.


PBS / WGBH : Day for Night

Client : WGBH Creative Services

I was asked to create day-for-night visual effects for a sizzle reel at WGBH promoting their new headquarters in Brighton, Massachusetts. WGBH houses many of PBS’s flagship series including, American Experience, Antiques Roadshow, Frontline, Masterpiece Theatre, and NOVA.


The idea was to project images from their series onto the building exterior.  Tasks included, lens correction, color correction, sky replacement, shot 3D tracking, screen comping and final scene rebuilding for things like city lights, etc.

Shot 1

Shot 2

Shot 3